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Ultimate Soccer Academy
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summer soccer camp specialized training

Francis Okaroh's Ultimate Soccer Academy - Summer Camp Specialized Training for Strikers, Midfielders, Defenders and Keepers

2018 Summer Camp Specialized Training Dates

  • Specialized Camp - July 26 - July 29, 2017

2018 Summer Camp Specialized Training U10-U18

  • Six Training Sessions
  • Starts Thursday 6:00pm
  • Ends Sunday 11:00am
  • Registration Fee $450 non refundable. The fee goes up from May onward
  • Fee Includes:
    • Six Training Sessions
    • Three nights
    • Eight meals
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This a new training opportunity to get specialized training that will focus on your position as a Striker, Midfielder, Defender or Keeper.  Francis Okaroh and his select coaches will be assigned to teach these fundamentals. First focusing on individual skills and building up with team play.

Training should be taken in conjunction with Summer Camp:

  • July 29 - August 3, 2018 - Full Summer Camp


  • Techniques on timing / angle of runs
  • Receiving the ball on side on
  • How to make blind side runs
  • Techniques on passing when in motion
  • Shooting techniques with both feet
  • Techniques on how to create space
  • Techniques on position for rebounds
  • Techniques on shielding
  • Movements off the ball
  • How to use your head to score in tight spaces
  • Techniques on finishing
  • Inside of the foot
  • Outside of the foot
  • Shoelace
  • Toe shots
  • Volleys
  • Freekicks
  • Near / far post runs
  • Techniques on diving headers
  • Crossing & finishing techniques

Midfield Players

Midfield Players will be shown how to practice and develop the skills needed to succeed in their positions. All exercises will be at optimum speed – game related.

  • How to play through the midfield
  • Receiving sessions / techniques
  • Passing sessions / techniques
  • Screening techniques
  • Switching sessions / techniques / how to beat the offside trap
  • Timing of passes
  • Techniques on how to use outside / inside of your foot during live play

Central Midfield

  • How to make overlapping runs / blind runs
  • How to play into the forwards to support
  • How to make passes and not get picked off
  • How to get back into team shape or position
  • How to create space for your team – field awareness
  • How to receive, pass and run
  • How to beat the off side trap
  • How to turn, dribble and shoot at game speed

Outside Midfields (flank players)

  • How to make imaginative runs / plays
  • How to make blind side runs
  • How to receive the ball “on side”
  • Timing / angle of runs
  • Crossing techniques with quality delivery
  • Techniques for hard driven crosses
  • Techniques on how to spot your intended target
  • Timing and weight of pass technique


  • How to play defense with head up and eye contact
  • Techniques on how to close down opponents quickly and force turnovers

Fullbacks & Center Backs

  • How to head side on to clear
  • How to fake back pass, step over and outside hook
  • Techniques on positioning as ball travels to flank players
  • Techniques on how to block line of crosses
  • Techniques on how to jump / make yourself big to prevent crosses from coming in
  • How to defend the far post / near post
  • Techniques on angles and distance to defend
  • How to pressure attacking players 1v1, 2v1, 3v2
  • How to play out of the back
  • How to develop first touch out of foot to advance forward
  • Techniques on how to break out and join in with the midfield play
  • Techniques on how to make pass out of the back /distribution and good decision making
  • Techniques on how to head the ball by keeping eyes on the ball at all times
  • Timing your jumps against long throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks or punting

Goal Keeping

  • Basic ball handling
  • Shot stopping
  • Techniques on starting positions to defend
  • Method of communications
  • Techniques of movement into / down the line
  • Techniques of save / recovery saves
  • Improve decision on when to hold, deflect or parry
  • Techniques on how and when to attack the ball early
  • How to deal with crosses / timing
  • How to asses flight of ball
  • Techniques on landing / hot to catch at highest safest point
  • Technique on how to adopt a side on position with footwork becoming a lateral side stepping movement
  • Techniques on taking off one footed inside leg for take off.

Francis Okaroh's Ultimate Soccer Academy offers a spring soccer camp, held during school vacation week in Medfield MA, multiple summer soccer camps at the New Hampton School in scenic New Hampton NH, and a Junior Soccer Academy with fall and winter sessions at the Boston University Track and Tennis Center. In addition they offer year round individual and team soccer training.